Top 8 Fruits & Vegetables Rich in Oxygen

Top 8 Fruits & Vegetables rich in oxygen : your body functions well when enough oxygen is not supplied to your muscles and brain a deficiency of oxygen in the body can slow down the coordination in the body and lead to other health ailments too some Fruits & Vegetable are rich in oxygen and to make sure that the supply chain is healthy at all times here are the best foods rich in oxygen.

Top 8 Fruits & Vegetable Rich in Oxygen


Spinach :

it has to be one of the healthiest foods on this planet spinach contains a lot of iron and that is what makes it carry enough oxygen to different parts of the body as oxygen is carried to different parts of the body the brain and the muscles tend to function better and in a more coordinated manner number

Palak Broccoli

broccoli is packed with some best-in-class nutrients antioxidants and minerals which have a lot of health and medicinal benefits for the human body the high amount of oxygen present in broccoli improves coordination of the body and provided long-term support for oxygen metabolism number

Palak Avocados

avocados work amazingly to supply oxygen to the body and also provide lots of other vitamins and minerals which are vital for maintaining a healthy lifestyle they have high water content and facilitate oxygenation which makes sure that the oxygen reaching the brain is suffice number



Sweet Potatoes

these are very rich in oxygen and help in protecting the body from different kinds of damages they’re not only rich in oxygen but also contain handsome quantities of potassium magnesium and some powerful antioxidants they make sure that enough oxygen is supplied to body cells number

Water malon


watermelon may not be as nutrient dense as other fruits but it is rich in lycopene which leads to an enhanced supply of oxygen to body cells watermelon is also affluent and beta-carotene which again amplifies the supply of oxygen to various segments of the body it is a great summer fruit and the large water content and it will keep you hydrated for longer



pineapple besides being agreat source of vitamin C is also rich in antioxidants these antioxidants are responsible for battling free radicals suspended in the body which interfere with the supply of oxygen throughout the body to every cell hence to boost the supply of oxygen to different parts of the body the pineapple will make a great choice of food




blueberries are exotically rich in antioxidants and these antioxidants make sure that the supply of oxygen in the body is enhanced and is more productive number




lemon is laden with negative ions and these ions help in increasing the supply of oxygen in the body and drinking lemon water once a day will be a great way to keep a healthy oxygen supply going in the body

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