Holi 2021 – A Festival of colours

Holi 2021 – A Festival of colours

Holi 2021- A Festival of colours It is celebrated with full fervor in the month of Phalgun in March, the festival of Holi can be celebrated with different names and Holi 2021 is a festival of Holi celebrated by people from different states with different tradition which makes it more unique and special. Makes

Story of Holika Dahan:

Other activities are associated with Prahlad’s story, but Holika Dahan is something that we can directly associate with Holi.

What’s the Story?

According to the Bhagavata Purana, a demon king Hiranyakashyap wanted to be immortal and, therefore, to fulfill his desire, underwent great penance, he was granted a boon by Brahma. He used his boon and clever ideas to get a boon. He said to Brahma ji, I want to be immortal.

Although different Puranas have different descriptions of boon, here we are going to say about the most popular one. Hiranyakashipu sought five special powers from Brahma and could not be killed by any human or animal. He could not be killed indoors or out. He could not be killed in the day or night.

He could not be killed by astra (projectile weapon) or any shastra (weapon in hand), and neither on land nor in water or air, as this wish was granted, did Hiranyakashyap feel invincible, which made him Made arrogant. He decided that only he should be worshiped as a god. He punished anyone and killed anyone who disobeyed his orders.

Hiranyakashyap Kashyap had a boon that no one could kill him. Hiranyakashyapa considered himself a god and performed his devotion to all people throughout the kingdom, Hiranyakashyap was the father of Prahlada, but Prahlada had great faith in Lord Vishnu and he Prahlada’s father Hiranyakashyap Kashyap was very angry to see that the cable was devotional to Lord Vishnu, so Hiranyakashyap Kashyap hatched many types of conspiracy to kill his son Prahlada, one of them is the incident of Holika and Prahlada –

Holika was Prahlada’s aunt, called her sister Holika in Hiranyakashyap, to kill Prahlada, Holika had a sheet that had no effect on the fire, she sat Prahlada on her lap and sat in the fire.
Prahlada was a great devotee of the Lord, so Prahlada meditated on the Lord. The God drove such a wind, the sheet flew on Prahlada himself and Holika got burnt in her own fire and the devotee Prahlada survived. Holi is celebrated in celebration of Holika’s death, Holi is celebrated as the victory of good over evil.

A night before Holi, Holika pyre is lit in North India in keeping with this tradition. It should also be noted that in some parts of India, the day is actually called Holika.

Slaughter Monstrous Putana:

Kamsa, the king of Vrishni who was Krishna’s maternal uncle, felt the danger to his life when Krishna grew up. Kansa sends the demonic Pootna as a woman to poison the baby under the guise of breastfeeding, Bal Krishna drinks poisonous milk and also suck her blood.Suddenly she transforms into a demon and from there She gets trapped in the flames, killed the demon puta, in its happiness, the people of Gokul celebrated the game by playing colors.

Kamdev was Revived:

According to old stories, Shankar ji had consumed Kamdev with power due to dissolution of penance. On the prayer of Kamdev’s wife Rati, Shankar ji resurrected Kamdev the next day Holika is lit and alive on the day of Kamdev’s incineration. Color is played in the joy of being

Destruction of Monstrous Dundi:

In the time of a Prithu king, there was a demon named Dhundi and he had the boon that no god, human, weapon or weapon would be able to kill him and neither would he be affected by cold, heat and rain. She used to eat newborn babies, Prithu Raja’s subjects were very upset. Then the Rajpurohit of the king told a way to eliminate that demon on the full moon day of Falgun month when there will be no more winter and summer, all the children of the area will place and burn each wood in one place, recite mantras and revolve the fire. If you do, the demon will die. Seeing so many children, the monstrous find came close to them and it was destroyed there due to the effect of mantras. Since then, the festival of Holi began to be celebrated.

Birthday of Shri Chaitanya Prabhu:

In some parts of India, especially in Bengal and Orissa, Holi Purnima is also celebrated as the birthday of Sri Chaitanya Prabhu.

Various stories related to the festival of Holi, which shows why the festival of Holi is celebrated.

FAQ’s :

Question: Why is Holi called the festival of colors?

Answer: Holi is the festival of the colors because in this season there are colorful places all around. Beautiful flowers of different colors bloom all around. In the olden days, people were playing Holi with flowers and natural colors.

Question: What is the next day of Navami celebrated as Holi?

Answer: It is a two-day festival, which comes after the full moon (full moon night) of the month of Phalgun and which usually corresponds to the month of March according to the Gregorian calendar. In 2021, it will fall on 29 March, in which the first night is celebrated as Holika Dahan and the next morning as Dhulendi.

Question: Where is the date of Holi?

Answer: Holi is celebrated on different dates every year. This year (Happy Holi) Holi is falling on 29th March, 2021 (Monday) with Holika Dahan on 28th March, 2021 (Sunday).

Question: Is Holi holiday in India?

Answer: In India, people of different religions work together. Religious and cultural holidays are characterized by a diversity of religious beliefs and practices.

Happy Holi 2021 Friends..

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