Corona Vaccine : If you are going to get a vaccine, then know these things

Corona Vaccine Update : Today the whole world is in the grip of corona, vaccine is the most effective way to avoid it, but before getting the vaccine, many types of questions come to our mind, today we will know the answers to those questions ..

Question: If we have registered for the first dose of the vaccine, we also have to register to take the second vaccine?

Answer : No, one has to register for both doses only once.

Question: Which of these two is the better vaccine?

Answer : In clinical trials, both corona’s vaccine have been found to be superior.

Question: Can we get vaccinated whatever vaccine we want?

Answer : No, the Covid vaccine center at which you are going to get the vaccine depends on which vaccine center is available.

Question: Is it necessary to get the vaccine even after being recovered with Corona?

Answer : Of course, even if you have recovered from the corona, you still need to get a vaccine, because there are some cases that the corona has recurred.

Question: Which people should not get vaccinated?

Answer : – Pregnant lady
– Lactating women
– Corona patient
– A person suffering from any serious illness

Question:If the first vaccine has been taken for Covaccine. Can the second vaccine be given to Covishield?

Answer : No, whichever vaccine dose you have taken earlier, the second dose is also necessary to get the same vaccine.

Question: Is it necessary to apply mask even after getting the vaccine?

Answer : Of course, it is important to wear a mask even after applying the vaccine, as before it needs to be cautious.

Question: After taking both doses, when does anti body start to form in the body?

Answer : After taking both doses, after 2 to 3 weeks the body starts to form anti body.

Question: What kind of symptoms can appear after a vaccine?
Answer :

– Mild pain in the place where the vaccine has been placed
– Headache
– fever
– Irritability
– dizziness
As symptoms may appear, you can take medicine with the advice of a doctor.

Question: Can corona still occur after applying the vaccine?

Answer : The vaccine does not guarantee 100% survival of the corona, but increases your power to fight the corona.

Question: How much does the vaccine cost?

Answer : Both vaccines are being given free of cost at the government vaccination center.

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