What is Podcast – What is Podcast Use? How Podcasting is done?

You must have heard the name of the podcast? It is like a device or mobile app in which we record any type of information in the form of audio and share that information with people through internet.

You must have thought that when we can watch and listen to videos and songs on YouTube and read the article on other websites, then what is the need?

In this article you will understand how important a podcast is for you and what is the use of podcast?

What is a Podcast?

Just like we listen to the radio, we can listen to the audio on our smartphone online through the internet.

It is made up of two words: iPod and broadcast. This means that it is an audio file that you can listen to anywhere in the car, on the bus, or on your way to the company, in the gym, or on a morning walk Can

The great thing about podcasts is that it is very easy to create and record and it is very easy to publish. It is growing very well in India.

India has 500 million internet users, out of which around 40 million like to listen to it.

What do people do in podcasts?

Most people give motivational speech or give a speech on a topic, anyone can be interviewed. Podcasts are great for storytelling.

What should be the length of the podcast’s audio?

You can create audio from 1 minute to 3 hours, that is, you can create audio for any time period ranging from 1 minute to 3 hours.

When you interview someone, the recording of that audio reaches from half an hour to an hour, when you talk about a topic, it depends on how many details your topic is in. Audio will have a time duration

Podcast Frequency:

When you are starting a podcast, you can release it one day a week, or if you are comfortable, you can release a it every day.

How to do podcasting?

Before selecting a podcast platform, you will need a computer laptop and a good internet.

If you have a computer or laptop, there is some website to start a podcast from which you can go to any website and start a podcast and start podcasting.

Here are some good podcast hosting sites.


After downloading the app for Podcasting from mobile or tablet, you can start and Anchor FM App for Android and iOS is considered the best.

  • Anchor for Android
  • Anchor for iOS (Apple)

You will get a lot of options in Anchor Fm, in which you create podcasts and popular podcast platforms are published there for free.

Theme Based Postcards:

In this, the topic is disguised, the podcast is an issue and different episodes are released.
Like sharing your experience in something, talk about any topic like movie, fashion, story, you can release whatever topic you can share your learning and your experience. Motivation story and interviews are more liked by people

What’s the difference between podcasts and podcast-episodes?

Podcasts are a series of podcast-episodes that combine all podcasts into one combined podcast.

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